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Umbilical Cord Blood Stem Cell Culture Media 100%



Umbilical Cord Blood and HUCORD

Cord blood is the blood of the baby and the plancenta, contains the blood of the mother. The composition of each, their characteristics and the method of treating them are completely different. Cord blood is the blood of the baby so an aseptic extraction is possible. Also, plenty of hematopoietic, mesenchymal stem cells and growth factors exist in the cord blood.

Hucord is the world first, extract stem cells from cord blood and it is the leading company in the fields of biotechnology in the world.


Human Umbilical Cord Blood Stem Cell Culture Medium 「HSCM100」

Cord blood stem cell culture medium is made by culturing the cord blood stem cells and then removing the stem cells by filtering the clear layer of the cord blood. The remaining is called culture medium. It contains various proteins, cytokines and growth factors which are secreted by the stem cells.

It is ​expected that its effectiveness in skin treatments are the same as that of the stem cells transplantation. Stem cells exist in many areas of the body and have links to them. They are in bone marrows, nerves, adipose tissues and etc. Cord blood stem cells have many involvements with tissue but have differences to adipose stem cells. Plenty of cord blood stem cells exist, they are small, have high speed proliferation and healing abilities.

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Cell-activation substance and its main effects in 「HSCM100」

IGF-1 / Insulin-like growth factor 1

- Prevention and reduction of wrinkles by new skin generation

- Increase in collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid

- Smoothens the skin and burns unnecessary body and facial fat             

- Stimulates hair follicles which that strengthens the hair

IGFBP / Insulin-like growth factor-binding protein

- Accelerates cell growth

- New skin cells generated

IL-6,8,18 / Interleukin Family

- Proliferation of epidermal cells and improvement in wound healing due to anti-inflammatory effects

IGF-2 / Insulin-like growth factor 2

- Recovery of cells

- Renewal of cells

- Muscle improvement

- Increase in bone density

MCP-1 / Monocyte chemotactic activating factor​

- Activation of cells and stimulation of the macrophage proliferation

- Elimination of aged cells, foreign substance and overproduced melanin


M-CSF / Macrophage and colony stimulation factor

- Cytokine for growth, differentiation and activation of cells




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 ※ HUCORD / HSCM 100

 ※ A company / KOREA

 ※ B company / USA

 ※ C company / Japan


Comparison of cell activation factors in HSCM100 to other products





Product outline ※Keep frozen, unfreeze the frozen vials at room temperature before using. (Unfreeze for ten minutes)







Improvements in acne scars, skin scarring, atopic dermatitis, skin necrosis, wrinkles, spots, blemishes, dark circles, pigmentation, pores, stretch marks and hair regeneration


Treated once every two weeks using the micro-needling technique 

※ Expiary date : 2 years 




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