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Anti-aging baby cell cream/ serum | Anti-aging baby cell cream/ serum





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Cord blood, the gift from God that only exists once in a life-time !


- Developed using the advanced technology of the cord blood specializing company HUCORD.

- HUCORD Anti-aging Babycell Cream/Serum is a super-nutritious cream/serum containing human cord blood stem cell culture medium.

- The qualities of super-nutrition from the cream/serum can be felt when used, moisturizing and conditioning the skin.



- Helps to form more resilient and better conditioned skin.

- ​Helps to brighten and slicken the skin.



- ​Human Stemcell Conditioned Media, the main ingredients of the product, contains high-content of 30 kinds of cell activating growth factor. (IGF-1, IGF-2, EGF etc.)

- ​IGF-1, IGF-2 increase cell growth and collagenesis.

- Compared to ​adipose stem cell culture medium,it contains high number of cell growth factor and have difference in content.

   * In case of IGF-1, the amount of content is 264 times more.

- Product registration on Food and Drug Administration (FDA) [No.70373-0002-1, No.70373-0001-1]





 50g * 1ea

 5㎖ * 5ea (add 1ea vitaminC serum)



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