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Air Cloud

[Mobile Skincare Device]

​Air Cloud - air mist system is an atomizing system that turn the ampule of liquid state to atomize like mist.

By compressed air to form liquid structure into being atomized, absorbed into the skin tissue without stimulation and also increase the elasticity of skin and shrink the pores with massage effects.



“Special cosmetic device 

to maximize penetrating active ingredient

of skin rejuvenation solutions“




Features & Effects



▷ Compact air compressor with high space utilization.

▶ Penetrates deeply into the skin of atomized ampoule molecule without skin irritation.

▷ The powerful spraying force keeps the ampoule firmly in contact with the skin.

▶ Cold air touches the skin and shrink pores.

▷ Minimizes the loss of ampoules when applied by hand and increases the amount absorbed into the skin, which is much more effective when using the same amount.




1. Give moist feeling with uniformly spray.

2. Air Gun can reach a uniform and constant th skin.

3. Give nutrients and moisture to penetrate deep into the skin with a powerful pressure injection.

4. Pore-shrinking effect be directly administered surrounding air into the pores with ample.





Mail: A.B.S. /

Gun: Aluminium alloy


7.4V / 2A 


204 * 192 * 95 mm 



 Nozzle size


 Cup size



Li-ion 2,000mAh / 7.4V


Output : D.C.9V / 2A 

Input : A.C.90~264V / 0.6A


 Main body 1ea, Air gun 1ea, Cup 1ea, Charge adapter 1ea, Manual 1ea




With Air Cloud






Spray widely from side to side around the forehead, chin and neck.


Spary like sweep the skin from the inside to the outside along the cheekbone. Also, spray on the chin from side to side.


At this time, spray smoothly on the face from inside to outside and spray up-and-down along the nose.



How to use 





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