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Lipo contour injection for Facial & Body 

What is BNLS?

BNLS is a special solution developed for the purpose of making facial contours slim. BNLS contains ingredients that circulate and remove fats. So fats are effectively eliminated within three days and there is no swelling immediately following the procedure.


  1. Between 2 weeks and 3 months or more are required to achieve the effects of PPC known as injection lipolysis. However, as BN lipo sculting solution inhibits the production of unnecessary fats in the body and removes them within 3 days, it makes a slim outline of the face.
  2. ​It can remove cheek fats, buccal fats, subaural sagging fats and submental fats as well as excess fat implants.
  3. ​Fats are easily burned and effectively removed with aerobic exercise because it softens firm and accumulated fat layers.
  4. ​Sufficient hydration(via water in-take) after undergoing the treatment causes an increase in lymphatic circulation, resulting in the discharge of fat cells with body waste.
  5. ​BN lipo sculpting solution using BNLS reduces large nasal wings and wide nasal bases.
  6. ​BN lipo sculpting solution removes 2 ~ 3 mm of fats within one procedure. You can easily see the effects after 2 ~ 3 times non-surgical procedures.
  7. ​In addition, because it also reduces the thickness of the nasal bridge, it makes the ears, eyes, mouth, and nose visibly prominent.
  8. ​PPC(injection lipolysis) may cause itching accompanied by pains, swelling, bruising, or redness and may take about 2 weeks before bruises or hematomas disappear. Due to these side effects, PPC cannot be used on the face. In contrast, BNLS requires treatment times as short as 5 minutes, so users will likely not experience swelling or bruising.
Treatment Area
※ Inject BNLS solution into subcutaneous far layer using 27 long needle.

 ① Forehead : excessive fat, fat graft failure


 ② Upper eyelid fat

 ③ Nose fat : Sharper nose contour

 ④ Wings of Nose (Alar area)

 ⑤ Temple area

 ⑥ Zygomatic area

 ⑦ Medial cheek (next to nasolabial folds)

 ⑧ Inferior cheek

 ⑨ Lateral cheek

 ⑩ Hypertrophic Lacrimal gland

 ⑪ Sub mental area




 Fucus vesiculosus

 Juglans Regiaα

 Aesculus Hippocastanum

 Sodium Chloride

Because it contains collagen, minerals and amino acids, it is the ingredient which activates the metabolism, and degrades and dissolves accumulated fats in the body. Thus, it is the appropriate main ingredient used in the drug therapy as an anti-obesity drug.

It contains main ingredients such as linolenic acid (ω-3 fatty acid), arginine and Vt. E. Because it protects blood vessels and promotes the blood circulation, it stimulates the circulation of the skins, cleans the pores of the skins, and removes the dead cells in the skins. Thus, it can prevent blemishes.

As it enhances the function of the capillaries, increases the tension of the venous blood vessel walls and increases the flow of venous blood, it removes the congestion of the peripheral blood flow. It improves various blood circulation disorders, because it takes actions to stimulate blood, increase perfusion and increase blood flow of peripheral blood vessel.

It takes actions to expand the blood vessel, improve blood flow, promote angiogenesis and improve myocardial metabolism as the substance mainly producing cation energy in the extracellular fluid.



 Disodium Adenosine phosphate (ADP)

 Adenosine triphosphate (ATP)

It is involved in the biosynthesis of dopamine and epinephrine, it promotes lipid metabolism and burns body fats. 

As it is a high energy phosphate binder, it gives the activity of the muscle and promotes cell function as an energy source of cells.

It expands the blood vessels, improves the blood flow, promotes angiogenesis and improves myocardial metabolism as the substance to produce energy.





Before & After



                                       Before                                 7 days after

                                        Before                               7 days after











                                       Before                                 7 days after

                                        Before                               7 days after











Difference from PPC or other lipolysis solutions

No edema

Useally​ PPC and other lipolysis solutions have edema lasting from 2~4 days and a hot sensation in the injection sites. BNLS has no edema, no hot sensation.

Quick result

Other treatment take about 2~3 weeks minimum to see the difference in fat volume. BNLS takes only 2~3 days to see the difference.

Short treatment interval

Other treatments interval is usually 2~3 weeks. But BNLS treatment interval is one week.​



※ 1BOX - 10ml * 5vial





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