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Cosmeceutical 목록
  • THE RED  
  •   1. Open the cap.​​2. Put dropper on the top of bottle.​​  3. Apply on the skin twice in a day after wash.​​ ​4. Cosmetic product forexternal use only.​
  •   BABI LONE FIVE ​~ How to use ~​   1. Open the cap of bottle and dried mask​​   2. Soak dried mask with ampoule from bottle​​   3. Apply mask adjusting around the eye and mouth​​   4. leave on face for 10~20 minutes and remove ma…
  • 6Nature  
  •  ​​- HOW TO USE -​​1. Open the cap​.​​2. Put dropper on the top of bottle.​​3. Apply on the skin twice in day after wash.​​4. Cosmetic product for external use only.    
  •  Molacular MD ROS Hair Complex is designed for medical professional to givea new and inovative solution for hair & folicle health. Its proprietary blends ofenzymatic cofactors and growth factors aim at reducing oxidativestress and restore healthy hair cycles.     …
  • PQAGE  
  •  A formulation specifically studied by Promoitalia research to lift andregenerate the skin in a pleasing and non-invasive way.The application is performed through a delicate andpleasant massage that immediately stretches the wrinkles andgives the skin an amazing brightness.  ​​  …
  • V CARBON  
  •  The first anti-aging peeling with a activated carbon       
  •  Prevention is the secret to preserve skin youth.The French secret to keep it, is named CYTOCARE.​​     
  •   HOW TO USE​1. Open the cap.​​2. Put dropper on the top of bottle.   ​​3. Apply on the skin twice in day after wash.4. Cosmetic product for external use only.   
  • VNS  
  •  It is a high-concentrated premium skin serum VNS solution that combines papain enzyme and excellent ingredients for skin care.​  HOW TO USE​​​1. Open the cap.   ​ ​​​2. Put dropper on the top of bottle.​​   ​​3. Apply on the skin twice in day after …
  • SSDN  
  •     ‘Belladdict’ is a mixed word using ‘bella’ and ‘addict’.    HOW TO USE ​1. Open the cap  ​ ​ 2. Put dropper on the top of bottle   ​ 3. Apply on the skin twice in a day after wash4. Cosmetic prod…
  • BABI Neo One  
  •     It is a high-concentrated premium skin serum BABI NEO ONE solution that combines Bromelain and excellent ingredients for skin care. .  
  •  The recovery of skin vital functions is an essential step in the care of chrono and photo aging.To give off this process, defined by biorevitalization, detailed scientific studies have shown that amino acids( Glycine , L-proline , L-lysine , L-leucine) and hyaluronic acid combination is a star…
  •  New concept of Rejuvenating Peel with Natural enzyme.Amazing spider enzyme.Selective exfoliate.Not required neutralize.Anti-inflammatory effect.          
  • Post Lifting Solution  
  •    ​​Alpha @-LS SPECIAL CARE after lifting treatment ​- Improve lifting effect- Regeneration + moisturize + whitening- Differentiation of lifting procedure    Spray Botox Alpha Lifting Solution 3ml * 20vial Lifting Cream for HomecareP…
  • PPS cream  
  •   PPS Cream  Silicone based Centella asiatica 2% cream ​- Wound healing- Form skin protection- Pain relief/ Skin suppression - Anti-inflammation- Anti-allergenic- Promote collagen formation- Strong moisturizing ​    Volume  15ml, 50ml, 150ml  …
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