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Post Lifting Solution | Post Lifting Solution





Alpha @-LS


SPECIAL CARE after lifting treatment


- Improve lifting effect

- Regeneration + moisturize + whitening

- Differentiation of lifting procedure





Spray Botox

 Alpha Lifting Solution 3ml * 20vial


Lifting Cream for Homecare

Post-Lifting Solution : 50g cream 

 Regeneration + Botox Peptide contains 2,000ppm

Regeneration + Botox Peptide contains 1,000ppm 





Main ingredients



99% purity, combination of two kinds of Real Peptides



Fundamentally improved wrinkles to fill the skin, give vitality and elasticity





Regeneration Peptide (GHK-Cu)

Botox Peptide (Acetyl Hexapeptide-3)



- Natural Peptide from human body

- Remove damaged collagen and elastin

- Inhibit scarring occurs

- Skin regeneration through the creation of hepatocytes

- Significantly increase the production of collagen

- Perform the same functions as Botox

- Almost no toxicity compared to Botox

- Based on the amino acid sequence

- Improvement of skin and wrinkles

- Can be applied to various skin products 



《 Copper Peptide 》


▶ Protein of the human body found in human blood, saliva etc. (20-year-old : 200ng/ml vs. After 60-year-old : 80ng/ml)

▶ Similar to the skin binding ingredient, harmless.

▶ Cooper is toxic, so it cannot be used directly on the skin, to be made harmless by using a peptide.

▶ The first use is for medical. The early 2000s, applications for cosmetic in Japan.




Effect of Pt catalyst

- Remove 7 kinds of active oxygen in the human body

- Acting almost as a semi-permanent that remain in the body

- Antioxidants to remove the active oxygen that cause organ damage

Effect of Saponin

- Antioxidant function

- Protect liver function, liver cell proliferation

- Anti-diabetic and Anti-arteriosclerosis


GPT catalyst is not only their efficacy, to maximize the effect of other active ingredients mixed together. Study shows that the used alone active ingredient to be used with GPT, that makes more effectiveness up to 10 times.


Improve wrinkles, Improve skin elasticity

Niacin Amide

A water-soluble vitamin B3 which contains a lot in green and yellow vegetables and cereals, excellent in anti-aging and prevent pigmentation.


​How to use

▷ ​Apply smoothly at day and night, the next step of cleansing, toning and serum.

▷ Can apply directly after Botox and Lifting procedure.

▷ Re-apply sunblock at daytime.



Better to ​use with Air Cloud

▷ Stimulate the lymph of face with air of Air Cloud

▷ Put the amount of the @-LS to Air Cloud and spray evenly to the face 1-2 times

▷ Soothing face pack / Nutrition pack

▷ Finally absorb by tapping Lifting Solution crea all over the face





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