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26.60 Lift | 26.60 Lift





26.60 Lift 

5th Generation of PDO Lifing Thread with stronger lifting effect




About 26.60 Threads



▶ Fine needle size (26G) of thin thickness of thread (USP 5-0)

▶ Needle length 60mm

▶ Possible to use simple as mono-thread level without much experience

▶ Use of safe PDO-class4 (KFDA certification)

▶ Safe quality with CE certification

▶ Powerful lifting by strong cog 





* 26.60 thread has high-density cog in comparison with product B. (More than two times)

- 26.60 thread : Cog number is about 142 pcs in 10cm.

- Other product : Cog number is about 71 pcs in 10cm.





▶ Minimsl invasive procedure with less pain and downtime

Stimulates collagen synthesis around the threads

Long lasting collagen regeneration effect

Effective stimulation for multiple growth factor production



How to use 26.60 thread on face?







Q The thread is too thin, isn't it could be break?

A It can lift 600g of meat.


Q When patients can see the effectiveness?

A They can see the effectiveness right after procedure, also can see the natural change on the face as time go on.


Q How long is the lasting of procedure?

A After one week, start the collagen increasing and the effectiveness will much more in 2-3 weeks. The effectiveness will be last for 1-2 year.


Q Patient can go back the daily life easily?

A Patient can go back to the daily life right after the procedure, also can do make up.


Q Is there any side effect?

A 26.60 thread use the safe absorbed PDO thread which is class 4 (KFDA certification). It is safe and less side effect such as infection.


Q How is the pain during the procedure?

A Need to use anesthesia cream. Almost no pain, just feel sting.



※ 1 BOX - 20ea * 5



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